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Evolution Training Center

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For over 20 years, Master Troy Auman and our staff have offered Manhattan’s favorite Martial Arts, Self-Defense, and Fitness Classes. We are proud to bring you an unrivaled program, unparalleled instructors, and tremendous service, all in state-of-the-art facilities. Thousands of kids and adults have been helped to achieve their goals. Whether that is confidence building, self-discipline, or focus through our Kids Martial Arts program or developing the skills to protect yourself and your loved ones in this ever-changing world through our Adult Krav Maga, our classes are simply second-to-none. And don't forget about our heart-racing StrikeFit classes, where you can get in amazing shape, tightening and toning your physique while learning true striking skills! Come find out for yourself why Evolution Training Center has become so highly respected.

Our Expert Team

We're bringing you decades of experience in multiple martial arts disciplines, including the highest quality Taekwondo and Krav Maga training in town. We're dedicated to helping you get better every single day.


Our Core Values

We value the role Martial Arts training can play in your life, both physically and mentally. From real-world self-defense skills to increased discipline, focus, and attention to detail, our classes offer you the most comprehensive skills around.


Our Mission

We are committed to making martial arts and self-defense training accessible to everyone in our community. We do that by making each and every exercise completely scalable to meet the needs of all experience levels.


Our Promise

We promise to make your success a priority. Whether that's helping you get in great shape or keeping you safe in a real-world conflict, we're here to make it happen. Take the first step today!

Kids Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts  in Manhattan - Evolution Training Center

Krav Maga

Krav Maga in Manhattan - Evolution Training Center

Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness Kickboxing in Manhattan - Evolution Training Center

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Meet our Instructors

Diana Michels O'Brien, Evolution Training Center testimonialS

The best place to start a little one, teaching so many things not allowed in the public schools: respect, work ethic, attitude, confidence, focus, supporting others' efforts, giving back. .... Read more

Diana Michels O'Brien

Wida Egan, Evolution Training Center testimonialS

The owners and instructors at ATA truly care about their students. The training is excellent and has taught my son courtesy, respect, confidence and balance. My son has attended since age 5 and at age 14 is currently preparing for his third degree black belt. He has competed successfully in .... Read more

Wida Egan

Alex Changho, Evolution Training Center testimonialS

This place is terrific. There are so many different options for classes and the instruction is top notch! They are part of the "ATA" which means that they use a proved curriculum and standards that many schools use nationwide. While the class is taught as a group, the instructors make sure that .... Read more

Alex Changho

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Kids Martial Arts  in Manhattan - Evolution Training Center

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